Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Daily Three

How stoked are you for the soon-to-be-released action movie everybody seems to be talking about by the water cooler or the speakeasy or where the kids are hanging out these days? Pretty stoked, right? Well save you money and skip it. Jacob Bricca has you covered like a jimmy hat with his seamless action movie mash-up. (via Kempt)

I do not endorse much by way of men's jewelry. Nor do I generally approve of most of the things that designer Robert Geller has decided are acceptable to wear.  However, with this piece, he's onto something. I really like the subdued tone of this ring, for whatever reason. The idea of a signet ring--which is so classic and so Ivy League--being overcome by ivy is just brilliant. I'd never wear it, but that doesn't mean you can't. (via  Por Homme)

I recently discovered that my brother had been schemed by his fiancĂ© into eating healthy (egg whites only? COME ON!). Well health nuts and gormandizers alike can rejoice--as long as they live in NYC. FreshDirect--which is, in case you were wondering, fresh to death--has started a delivery program that gets you farm fresh fruits, produce and other foods within 48 hrs of picking. This needs te be available everywhere. (via Cool Hunting)

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