Friday, May 15, 2015

Stolen Features

Sometimes (all the time), a website or a magazine or a billboard will show a great look, or a set of looks, or part of a look. And then you check the price tag and you wonder how anyone who actually subscribes to those magazines or looks at those websites could possibly afford that look. The fact is that the people who can afford most of the clothes in the magazines and in features, they don't look at prices. They have the freedom to just buy. With that in mind, this post (and similar ones to follow) will take those same looks, and show you how to get them on the (relatively) cheap. Enjoy.

Mr. Porter posted an excellent feature on what they called foolproof dinner looks. Of course, all the looks are spot on, but they also come in at no less than $1,380.00. That's for the fourth look. That's right, the one with the rolled up faded jeans and Nikes. While that may be budget shopping for Kanye, you probably aren't looking to spend $575 on a sweater, especially not one with blue suede patches.

Look One
ProTip: Go ahead and splurge on the watch. A nice watch can last a lifetime. Look for something over $300 with an automatic mechanical. You should own watches with brown, black, and metal bands. The first you get is up to you, based on your wardrobe on how you'll be wearing it. 

J. Crew Ludlow Suit $425
Banana Republic Polo $50
Allen Edmonds Oxfords $385
Hamilton Intra-Matic Watch $845
Bulova Classic Watch $150

Their Price: $4,020
Your Price: $1,010-$1,705

Look Two
Club Monaco Knitted Blazer $200
L.L. Bean Signature Chambray Shirt $50
Bonobos Chino $88
J. Crew Striped Shirt $45 (same as theirs)
Sebago Sloop Loafer $120

Their Price (not including shoes): $1,695
Your Price (including shoes): $503

Look Three
ASOS Tweed Blazer $135
Ledbury Dress Shirt $125
Bonobos Trouser $128
The Tie Bar Tie $19

Their Price: $2,200
Your Price: $407

Look Four
Our Legacy Jacket $230 (also from Mr. Porter)
J. Crew Sweater $50
Levi's 511 Slim Fit Jeans $47
Nike Air Max 1 $110 (same as theirs)

Their Price: $1,380
Your Price: $437

Look Five
Suitsupply Suit $639
Banana Republic Shirt $80
The Tie Bar Tie $19
Allen Edmonds Oxfords $385

Their Price: $3,825
Your Price: $1,123

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