Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Daily Three

Clover Coffee was just snapped up by Starbucks so that they can make more high-priced, middle of the road coffee. These machines retailed for $11,000 and there are about 250 on the market. So if you have tons of money and know how to get things, get one of these, machines, which create coffee that outdoes the French Press. More here. (Via Mister Crew)

The new Mismo Billfold (or wallet, if you aren't a pretentious ass) is elegant, refined, and classic. It's a no frills wallet that says "I've got class" every time you whip it out. You can get this here fro 120 Euros (via Inventory).

I am not now, nor will I ever be badass enough to use a straightedge blade to shave. To say nothing of I don't have the requisite facial hair, let alone stubble to utilize one. But if I did, this is the one I would want to use. It's commemorative or something, so the price is a bit high ($345), but I doubt you'd ever have to (or want to) buy another one in your life. From Baxter of California. More info here (via Hypebeast).

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