Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quickies: The Most Hipster Thing Ever Made and A Few Other Things

Thing the First
I present to you the most hipster thing ever made:

We can't see the entire bike, but it's no doubt a fixie. And really? You need to bring a single beer with you on your bike ride? Well, at least it's a PBR so you can keep your hipster cred. If you want to become a hipster or you live in Portland, you can get this thing here for $64.00. It's handmade, so that's legit...

Also. PBR is not good beer. Ever.

Second Thing
Daniel Radcliffe goes DB:

Daniel Radcliffe is a fairly well dressed man about town. And this isn't exactly bad, but it's just not his best work. Consider that Harry is only a hair over 5'5", which is not exactly tall; one might even call him a bit short. As such, he should be considering his stature when he's dressing (or rather, his stylist should). And in this case, the four button (instead of the traditional six), makes him seem even shorter. To add to this miniaturizing effect, the jacket is cut about an inch shorter than it should be. With that said, it fits him perfectly otherwise. (via Esquire)

Scott Morrison has started two denim companies in the past (Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn), both of which have been wildly successful. So here is a man who knows denim. So for his third venture, he upped the ante (or at least his overhead), and decided to start 3x1 (a reference to denim's standard weaving construction and to the fact that it is Morrison's third venture.

They provide three levels of service: ready-to-wear, custom, and bespoke. The ready-wear-jeans are pre-made and ready to go; you get to pick the buttons and rivets and they hem them onsite, so within 20 minutes you've got a new pair of amazing jeans. For custom, you choose the rise and leg fit their cuts, then choose the stitching and back pocket design. Bespoke is from scratch, a jean made just for you, to measure. It also starts off at $1200. Pretty ridiculous. Ready-to-wear jeans range from $295-$395. Also ridiculous. But also some of the best jeans that you'll ever own. 


  1. It may be a single beer, but that, sir, is a tallboy. Oh. Yeah.

  2. does that DB stand just for double breasted?