Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Fashion Spectrum

First, let me explain that style and fashion are two different things. This has been discussed endlessly on various sites on the webnets. Suffice it to say that style is timeless and something that is unique to each person who has it (though not all have it), whereas fashion is the of-the-day sartorial pursuits of designers and fashion houses. This time of year, those designers and fashion houses are starting to strut their upcoming Fall/Winter collections. And with that comes some great opportunities to illustrate the fashion spectrum, which ranges from detestable and unconscionable (let's say 1), to sinfully desirable (let's say 10). Here are three examples that illustrate the full spectrum:

1: Juun J


...10: Ovadia & Sons

This illustrative list was a bit rushed and is hardly comprehensive, but the bottom line is more you say "What the fuck?," the more you're getting into Fashion. And if you don't have that reaction to anything you see, then it's already too late. If you've already ogled Ovadia & Sons, you're doing it right.


  1. those pants seem kinda short

    1. I'm not sure if you're referring to O&S, but that is there Spring/Summer collection, and a little ankle doesn't hurt in the warmer months (though I'm not a huge fan of the look, myself).